Organic Wool Pillow (Sleep and Beyond)

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Organic Wool Pillow (Sleep and Beyond)

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Organic Wool Pillow available from Sleep and Beyond  is ideal for someone who...

  •   Is looking for resilient head and neck support

  •   Has multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)

  •   Has allergies to down/feathers/polyester

  •   Has allergies to dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew

    Key benefits:

  •   Breathes more naturally than down and synthetic products.

  •   Quickly wicks away moisture without making you feel cold or clammy.

    Less time is spent tossing and turning.

  •   Lasts for many years with proper care. Wool out-performs other fibers

    used for bedding.

  •   Perfect for all-year round comfort

  •  3rd party certified to industry's leading organic certifications:


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Size: Standard, Queen
Cover: 100% organic cotton, 270TC, ivory
Fill: Medium, 91oz /sq. yd
Warranty: 5 years
Care: washable cover recommended or dry clean only Packaging: Eco friendly and reusable cotton packaging