“Healthy Living Starts with Healthy Water”

They believe that a healthy environment and clean water are the most important components to healthy living and overall wellness. They are focused in providing the best water filtration products so every home can enjoy health, great tasting water.


The Whole Health System provides the highest performance and longest lasting water filtration for great tasting and healthy water throughout the entire home. This systems provides healthy water for 10 years or up to 1, 000, 000 gallons.


Aquasana is a company based out of Austin, Texas and they are a leading water filtration company with the sole focus of providing best-in-class water filtration products. The company markets shower filters, drinking water filters, and whole-home water filter systems that remove over 60 harmful contaminants from water, including Chlorine, heavy metals like lead and mercury, organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and VOCs, industrial solvents and more.

Aquasana uses the best filtering technology to “provide maximum reduction in water contaminants while leaving beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium in water.” This results in amazing water that provides great hydration for the human body.

They are committed to staying ahead in the water filtration industry to continue to provide you with the best water filtration system and products. Their products are environmentally safe and designed to be reduced, reused, and recycled.